Special Meeting: Rethinking our water ways – October 12, 2012, Rock Creek Fall Fair Grounds

To the residents, stakeholders, and friends of the Kettle River Watershed:

“Rethinking our Water Ways” is a one-day special meeting for us to learn together about watershed management planning and issues, challenges and opportunities in the Kettle River Watershed. This meeting will enable a broad cross-section of people to explore the issues and build relationships to find solutions to the challenges around water quality, flow, and aquatic ecosystems. Participants will learn about the state of the Kettle River Watershed, find out about watershed management planning and governance across the region, and start developing a vision for the future.

This meeting is part of the two year planning process to develop a watershed management plan for the Kettle River Watershed in British Columbia, led by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. Further information on the planning process can be found across on the main page of this website (http://kettleriver.ca.)

The meeting will be held in the meeting room at the Rock Creek Fall Fair Grounds in Rock Creek, BC, on October 12, 2012, from 9:30 to 3:00 (draft agenda below). We encourage you to forward this invitation to anyone you think would enjoy participating in these discussions or have knowledge, experience or perspectives to contribute. Please let us know by Thursday, October 4 if you are able to attend (contact Graham Watt at plan@kettleriver.ca or 250.442.2708 ext 225).

Invitation to Special Meeting & Draft Agenda (pdf)