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A new website name for a new service!

With the upcoming transfer of this website to the RDKB site, we decided to keep this page active until the transfer is complete. A change in site name to reflect the October 2018 referendum vote in support of the Boundary Integrated Watershed Service.  A new website name while following in the footsteps of so many of the great contributors over the years.

Kettle River Watershed updates posted to RDKB website by Spring 2020


What amazing fall colours here in the Kettle River watershed! Hope you have had the time to see all the beauty that this change of season can bring. It is the efforts from every one of us that is needed to help keep our watershed thriving, and I am excited to be a part of this process.

Have you been wondering where you should go for updated Kettle River watershed information?  I am happy to report that content from the website and upcoming Kettle River watershed information will be posted in the soon-to-be updated RDKB website. With the RDKB website upgrades set to be completed by Spring 2020, the website will remain active until the transfer is complete. content to be moved to RDKB website ( by Spring 2020.

As always, keep directing your watershed questions to the new RDKB Watershed Planner:

Boundary Integrated Watershed Service                                                                                                    Kristina Anderson, Watershed Planner                                                                                                Phone: 250-442-4111                                                                                                                                            Email:                                                                       

Flood 2018

The Kettle River Watershed Authority has been heavily involved with the 2018 Flood Response.

Click here to see the latest Flood Update


The Kettle River peaked last night at 60 centimetres over record levels first set in 1948


Click here to see all flood information on the RDKB website.

Flooding between Grand Forks and Christina Lake


Fishing Regulations Reminder for the Kettle, West Kettle, and the Granby Rivers

Is it possible to have a Flood and drought in the same year? Yes.  Absolutely. As we know, the lack of rain in the boundary has created drought like conditions.  That said, drought restrictions from the province have not yet been put in place for this area.  The Kettle, the West Kettle and the Granby rivers, however, are all on the provincial watch list which means that they are being closely monitored and water restrictions could still be enforced this fall.

A major concern that the province has is fish kills and the long-term sustainability of fish populations.  Rainbow trout have been studied over multiple years and the fishery has deteriorated.  Findings conclude that fewer and smaller rainbow trout are found throughout boundary rivers.  Causes include decreased habitat for the fish, decreases in flow, increases in water temperatures, and overfishing.  As a result of fish population studies, more stringent fishing regulations were put in place in 2015 for rainbow trout.  In summary: fishing in the Kettle and West Kettle is catch and release only, no fishing from July 25 and August 25 and a live bait ban from Apr. 1 – Oct. 31.  In the Granby upstream of Burrell Creek, the bait ban is from Apr. 1-Oct. 31 with a daily limit of 1 trout.  Downstream of Burrell Creek, catch and release only and a bait ban from July 1 – Oct. 31.  These new regulations are designed to ensure future generations are afforded the same recreational opportunities that we enjoy and appreciate today.

Shawn Lockhart releasing rainbow back to the river (Credit Shawn Lockhart)Shawn Lockhart releasing rainbow back to the river (Credit Shawn Lockhart).

Click Fishing Regulations to obtain the most up to date regulations for the boundary region.  Alternatively a hard copy can be obtained at Service  BC.

– Jessica Mace is the coordinator of the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan for the RDKB, and is working with the Kettle River Watershed Authority to implement recommendations from the plan. Email