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New study on climate change impacts in Alberta

A new study from the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute points to the changes in water resources, vegetation and ecosystems that could affect Alberta’s landscapes in the coming century.

Using a range of computer model scenarios available through the Climate WNA modeling tool, a team of scientists led by University of Alberta biologist Richard Schneider found that even if society is able to rein in emissions, forests could change to grasslands and wetlands could dry up with a temperature increase of about 2 ?. Under scenarios of higher emissions the temperature could rise as high as 6.5 ?, which could mean the eventual loss of the boreal forest.

From Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute:

Alberta’s Natural Subregions under a Changing Climate

Alberta’s Natural Regions are predicted to shift northward in response to climate change

EDMONTON, August 27, 2013 – The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) has released the most comprehensive report to date describing how Alberta’s ecosystems are likely to respond to climate change. In Alberta’s Natural Subregions under a Changing Climate: Past, Present and Future, Dr. Richard Schneider presents state-of-the-art climate projections for the province and a detailed analysis of how Alberta’s ecosystems are likely to shift in response to climate change over the next century…

Climate Change 101: introductory materials and videos

As we learn more about climate change and its impacts, many people are translating technical information into introductory videos and illustrations to help people understand the basics in their terms. This post will regularly feature new resources that are relevant to the Kettle River watershed.

Climate Desk: Explained in 90 seconds – how climate change fuels wildfires.

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