Discussion Paper 5 – Stepping Back From the Water

KRWMP Discussion Paper 5, September 2014 (pdf, 713 kb)

KRWMPdiscussion-paper-5-Sept-2014_001On the water’s edge – it’s where we live, where we work, and where we play. Residents and visitors in the Kettle River watershed value the shorelines and water bodies for the views, for learning about nature, and for accessing water for various purposes. However, activities near water bodies can strongly affect aquatic ecosystem health and many other human uses of water because of the special characteristics of shoreline ecosystems, otherwise known as riparian areas.

This discussion paper outlines issues, strategies and actions related to wetlands, floodplains and riparian ecosystems, which are critical for maintaining watershed health and all of the benefits humans derive from it. The paper complements and builds on the ideas presented in all of the previous discussion papers, focusing particularly on issues along the water’s edge.